Pickup Truck and Muscle Car Bodies

Are you looking to build something new or replace your rusted out parts?

Some of our suppliers include:

  • Premier Street
  • Rod Manufacturing
  • Dynacorn Classic Bodies


It all begins with a solid foundation and complete chassis to provide the perfect base for your classic truck or car.

Over the years, we've brought in hundreds of chassis. Through the experiences, we identified the best, most trustworthy suppliers across America.

Some of our suppliers include:

  • Art Morrison
  • Chopin Block
  • GSI
  • TCI

Performance Parts

Muscle Car Imports distributes most major performance brands and ships an extensive range of engines and driveline components.

So whatever performance part you need for your car, we'll help to get you sorted.

Our leading supplier is GM Performance Motors, but we've got plenty of contacts and opportunities to get your specific performance part. 

They go out as fast as they come in, so contact us for supplying your specific performance part and prices.


We can supply an extensive range of performance wheels to suit almost any make of car, regardless of its country of origin or the badge on the bonnet.

Some brands we're supplying at the moment:

  • Forgeline
  • Raceline
  • Schott

They go out as fast as they come in so contact us for supplying and prices.